• Do I need to register for admission per person?

    Yes. Please be sure to register per person.

    *The same e-mail address cannot be used for multiple registrations with different registrant names

  • I did not receive a registration completion email.

    The following causes are possible

    1.The email may have been sorted into the spam folder.

    Please check your spam folder. The registration completion email will be sent from “”.

    2.You may have mistyped the email address when registered.

    Please register again with the correct email address. *You cannot register multiple times with the same email address.

    3. It may be due to the security system of your company/organization.

    Please register again using the different email address (Gmail, etc.) that is not affected by the company or organization you belong to.

  • What is the best viewing environment?

    The latest versions of the following browsers are recommended.

    Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox

    Microsoft Edge Safari

    *Internet Explorer is not supported. Please check from the above browser. 

  • Can I check exhibitor information without registering for admission?

    Yes. You can check the highlights and basic information of each exhibitor on the "Exhibitor Search" at the top of the page. 

  • Where can I issue an entry pass for the venue?

    The entry pass  can be issued on "My Page" after the admission registration is completed.

  • How can I participate in lectures and seminars?

    Pre-registration is required for that. Please apply for each program before visiting the event.